Sage the Bambino vs the Bambino Plus

Navigating Espresso Making at Home: A Closer Look at the Sage Bambino and Bambino Plus

The compact Sage Bambino and Sage Bambino Plus espresso machines are popular for their sleek designs, user-friendly controls, and impressive brewing capabilities. Let's take a look at the key features of these home espresso machines, highlight the differences between the two models, and help you identify which might be right for you.

Sage Bambino: Compact Brilliance

With its sleek design and small footprint, the Sage Bambino (or, as they call it, Sage the Bambino) seamlessly integrates into any kitchen space. Despite its size, it packs a punch with a range of features designed to simplify the espresso-making process.

Key Features

  1. Space-Saving Design: ideal for those with limited kitchen space, the Bambino's compact design doesn't compromise on functionality and still has a built in removable water tank.

  2. 3-second Heat-Up Time: quick and efficient, the Bambino heats up to the optimum extraction temperature in just three seconds, ensuring you get your espresso fix without the wait.

  3. Pro Functionality: it comes with a precision-engineered 54mm portafilter and dual wall filters which take some of the tricky technicalities out of the brewing process, but also single walled filters so that you can experiment with some of the variables when you're ready (such as grind size, tamping pressure etc). The Bambino's extraction process will deliver an indulgent, creamy, and caramel-coloured espresso.

  4. Microfoam Milk Texturing: the steam wand, which you'll recognise as a staple feature of professional espresso machines, makes the creation of lattes and cappuccinos and easy and enjoyable step for even beginner baristas.

What's the difference between the Sage Bambino and Sage Bambino Plus?

The Bambino Plus takes the Bambino's brilliance a step further with advanced features catering to the more discerning home barista. Note that neither model has a built-in grinder so you'll need to ensure your have a separate grinder if using whole beans (such as the Comandante C40).

  1. More Control of Milk Texturing: the Auto MilQ functionality provides 3 adjustable milk temperatures and 3 levels of texture via the steam wand, allowing you to really hone in on the perfect latte art that suits your tastes, and taking some of the guess-work out of the process.

  2. Larger water tank and drip traywhilst not game-changing, the Plus model has a 1.9 litre water tanks compared to the 1.4 litres of the base model Bambino, and the slightly larger drip tray means a little longer between having to empty it!

Choosing the Right Model for You

Both models of the Sage Bambino will ensure you can create Barista-quality espressos, lattes and any other coffee you desire from the comfort of home. If you're a keen drinker of lattes and like the idea of getting into the fun world of latte art, then the Plus model is probably the one for you!

The Sage Bambino caters to:

  1. Beginners: Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a perfect entry point for those new to home coffee brewing.

  2. Space-Conscious Coffee Lovers: Ideal for those with limited kitchen space who still desire a quality espresso experience without the counter space required for machines with built in grinders.

The Sage Bambino Plus is more suited to:

  1. Latte Enthusiasts: Individuals seeking more control over their coffee-making process, in particular the art of milk frothing/micro-foam. Bear in mind the Plus model is approximately 4cm longer than the base model.

Why Choose the Bambino Over More Expensive and Complex Machines?

For users comparing the Bambino models to more advanced models, the biggest drawcards are the compact size and impressive brewing performance without having to sacrifice your favourite third-part grinder.

  1. Simplicity: The Bambino offers a streamlined espresso experience without the learning curve associated with more complex machines.

  2. Space Efficiency: Its compact design doesn't sacrifice performance, making it an attractive option for those with limited counter space.

  3. Affordability: For budget-conscious coffee-lovers, the Bambino provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of the espresso produced.

In the end, whether you're leaning towards the Bambino for its simplicity or the Bambino Plus for its enhanced latte-making capabilities, Sage offers an espresso solution tailored to your preferences, making home brewing an accessible and enjoyable experience.

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